Littleton Invests For Tomorrow (LIFT)

What is LIFT?

Littleton Invests for Tomorrow (LIFT) was created by the City of Littleton as an Urban Renewal Authority. Urban renewal is a process specifically authorized under the Colorado Urban Renewal Law to assist Littleton and other local governments throughout the state in revitalizing their communities.

What does LIFT do?

The Littleton City Council created Littleton Invests for Tomorrow (LIFT) to involve residents, property owners, potential developers, local businesses, community leaders and city staff to foster community development and redevelopment. Authorized by state law and led by a seven-member board of directors LIFT enables thoughtful, sound growth and development.

LIFT history:

The Littleton Riverfront Authority (LRA) was founded in 1980 for the purpose of redevelopment, revitalization, and renewal of productive and attractive land uses along the South Platte River and Little’s Creek within Littleton city limits. The original redevelopment area was a 25-acre parcel between the South Platte River and South Santa Fe Drive from Church Street to Crestline Avenue. In late 2013 the Littleton Renewal Authority was re-named Littleton Invests for Tomorrow (LIFT) with a goal to provide additional investment options for property owners not just along the Riverfront area, but the broader community as well.