Columbine Square URA


Key Findings

 • While not a statutory blighting factor, a significant challenge associated with redevelopment of the Columbine Square area is the number of parcels owned by out-of-state interests, particularly those that are part of a larger portfolio of assets, whereas these often lack the attention received by those with a local presence and higher expectation of financial return.

• The Columbine Square shopping center represents a significant portion of the study area and while owned by a single interest, it includes multiple parcels which if sold separately could challenge a cohesive redevelopment program and result in several parcels with little if any potential for reuse.

• The physical degradation of improvements in the vicinity of South Federal Boulevard and West Belleview Avenue is having a negative impact on the value of surrounding viable and on-going interests.

• Few collector or local streets in the area are built to appropriate standards to accommodate non-vehicular movement, or safe vehicular movement largely because of inconsistent sidewalk widths or curb and gutter treatments, and limited street lighting.

• Few parcels located in the area either maintain or have access to adequate parking which results in overflow into adjacent residential neighborhoods.

• The area consumes a disproportionate level of municipal services, primarily in the area of “calls for medical emergencies” which represented 63% of the citywide total during the first half of 2013.

• Eighty-two percent, or 14 commercial buildings within the area lack code-required fire protection equipment (sprinklers).

• Nearly half of the area’s parcels are under the oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency due to potential impacts from emissions or contamination.