Santa Fe URA (repealed)


Key Findings

 • Few collector or local streets which abut the Santa Fe corridor are built to appropriate standards to accommodate non-vehicular movement, or safe vehicular movement largely because of inconsistent surface treatments, few if any sidewalks or curbs and gutters, and limited street lighting.

• The frequency of traffic accidents along and within the Santa Fe plan area represented more than 17% of the city total during the time period 2009 to 2013, representing a disproportionately high occurrence level and use of municipal services.

• The total number of criminal incidents including property break-ins, theft, child abuse and domestic violence, disorderly conduct, property damage, prostitution and drug possession shows increased during the time period 2009 to 2013 negatively impacting property and business owners, residents, and visitors.

• Numerous parcels are of a size and / or shape that allows for sound development and appropriate access and visibility, particularly given their zoning classification and intended use.

• A 100-year flood zone impacts parcels in all three segments presenting a potential threat to pedestrians walking on the trails, and limiting the development potential of private parcels intended for development. 

• Ninety percent, or 63 commercial buildings within the area lack code-required fire protection equipment (sprinklers).

• A 100+ year old city ditch traverses parcels located along Santa Fe’s western edge encumbering the development envelope, and challenging access to improvements.

• Twelve percent of the area’s parcels are under the oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency.